Fucking about in Ferelden

A Stab in the Dark - Part 1

Players complete the tutorial...

28 Harvestmere 27th Year of the Dragon Age

On a dark and stormy night, our adventurers begin their journey at The Mabaris Bite, in Briarham. A trio of mercenaries, Sigge’s Shits, are having a well earned drink after completing their first, boring, job together. They are lead by a dwarf rogue, Sigge, who appears tiny compared to her companions; Boreas O Frosthold a mighty Avvar warrior and Mah’jeek, a fleeing Tal-Vashoth trying to keep a low profile due to his magical abilities.

Our unlikely party are approached by a mysterious yet extroverted individual, who offers them a drink in exchange for their time and attention. The man introduces himself as Grigor and cheerfully sits asking for the services of the mercenaries. A strange disturbance at Grove Farm has spread rumours of varying severity, rumours which the man chooses to keep to himself.

The Quest: To investigate Grove Farm, with a clear mind, and to put an end to any trouble or trickery that is plaguing the area.

The Reward: 15 silver pieces each

Though convinced of their charm, the mercenaries fail to strike a bargain to increase the reward in lieu of the dangers they may face. Agreeing to the quest, cheers are shared and the mercenaries finish their drinks, and stagger on to the first part of their journey.

Due to forgetting to ask for directions, they take a little longer than expected, but following the easily navigable road signs, they eventually find themselves journeying towards Grove Farm.

At a crossroad, there is a rustling in the bushes, unlike a wind or a small creature. The mercenaries are jumped by a band of thieves, 3 in number, armed with drawn arrows and costly demands.

The mercenaries opt to keep their belongings and win their first battle relatively unscathed. They do not loot anything because they are fucking noobs.

Continuing without further interruption, our mercenaries find themselves at Grove Farm. They choose to investigate a barn atop a hill first.

Inside the barn, they find a corpse, with multiple arrows in its back. They approach the corpse, but hear a whimpering in a pile of rugs, possibly from a farm dog or similar creature. The adventurers pull off the rugs and reveals a dog, with an arrow in its hind leg, scrawny, weak and clearly in bad shape. Through skilled perception, Boreas and Sigge learn the arrows are coated in a dark liquid that is reminiscent of Darkspawn blood. They cannot be sure, but they agree to act fast. Boreas smashes the skull of the dead farmer, just in case – he has only heard rumours of Darkspawn, and cannot be sure they would be safe otherwise. All three adventurers then turn to the dog. and work to try and save it. Mah’jeek expresses that he would like a dog companion and took an immediate shine to the poor creature.

The mercenaries all try to remove the arrow in turn. Sigge made the first attempt which ended with the shaft being snapped off and the head remaining in the wound. Mah’jeek stepped up next and tried to shake the arrow out of the wound… this was not successful! Finally Boreas pushed the two other fools out of the way and safely removed the remains of the arrow and patched up the wound as best as he could. The dog calmed and fell asleep almost instantly. Sigge had heard of creatures turning into vicious monsters through exposure to Darkspawn, so between them, they decide to tie up the dog to secure it then expose it to healing magic, good bandaging, drinkable water and some rations to help it mend.

The trio then check out their surroundings, seeing nothing of immediate danger, they decide to head to a house with a trap door on the roof down the bottom of the hill. As they approach the hamlet, they notice all of the homes are strongly boarded up, and all windows and doors have been made inaccessible except the trapdoor on this roof. They notice there are stacked created by the side of the house, probably left so that whoever lived there could climb in once they had finished the fortifications around the property.

Boreas and Mah’jeek lifted Sigge onto the roof with ease, and then proceeded to try and get Mah’jeek onto the roof. Their first attempt fails, but the fumble is somewhat saved as Mah’jeek fell on to the crates, saving him from damage, but smashing the crates in the process. The adventurers, believing they are safe as the noise did not attract any attention make a second attempt and Mah’jeek is lifted onto the roof. Boreas stood guard at the foot of the building. Mah’jeek climbed down the trap door into the building, looking around and noticing nothing of interest until he hears a cry coming from a wardrobe, sounding like a human of some description. Mah’jeek demands explanation from the wardrobe, but finds nothing but hysteria in return. He realises that the wardrobe is strongly secured and lacking strong communication abilities calls on Sigge to try and convince the occupant to come out.

Mah’jeek, seeing no danger, went down stairs and tried to kick the door open to allow Boreas into the house He managed to damage the door but underestimated the fortification and injured himself in the process. Eventually Boreas pries the door open enough to get into the house and heads upstairs to reason with the wardrobe along with Sigge. Mah’jeek explores the ground floor to make sure that everything of value is taken, he doesn’t find much.

Through lots of attempted reasoning, eventually a young boy, clearly borderline schizophrenic, (Editor: Or, quite possibly, extremely traumatised having witnessed what he has done!) exits the wardrobe. The boy slowly explains how the chickens and inhabitants of the hamlet were attacked and taken by Darkspawn during the night, but the adventurers are unable to pry any more information from him.

Mah’jeek begins to frustrate with the lack of progress upstairs, and attempts to startle the boy into sanity. Never seeing a Kossith before, the intimidation fails and the boy bails the house and runs into the setting horizon.

Boreas empathises with the situation and notes that the boy is probably running in the exact opposite direction of the potential Darkspawn threat. The adventurers agree not to pursue the boy and head back to the barn to check on the dog and get some rest.

The night brings no difficulty for anyone, and with the sunrise, the adventurers head where Boreas believes the boy was running away from. They enter the Grove.

The mercenaries find tracks at the entrance of the grove, saving them time and effort in tracking the creatures. Eventually the tracks lead to a cave, cool air rising out and light being soaked into oblivion within. The mercenaries find some torches at the cave entrance and enter the darkness, beginning their hunt for the Darkspawn.

The cave is perilous and the slopes are steep, at the bottom of a treacherous path, Sigge sees light from below. The torches are extinguished and although Sigge remains steadfast, the others clumsily fall at the will of gravity, down into the darkness below. Mah’jeek steadies himself using his strength, but unfortunately cannot stop Boreas and ends up falling with him again. Boreas uses his strength and dexterity to land on his feet with sword ready at the bottom of the slope, Mah’jeek successfully stops himself a second time, allowing himself to also be prepared at the bottom. Sigge, baffled by the tomfoolery, calmly walks down and arrived unscathed and undamaged at the bottom.

In front of them, the mercenaries are greeted by a well lit open room, containing 2 Ghouls and a Genlock who immediately attack.

A bloody battle ensues, leaving the mercenaries standing but significantly weakened. They, conveniently, loot a Lyrium potion from some crates, but don’t loot the bodies #fuckingnoobs

Pushed by the desire to get paid, our adventurers rest for a brief few moments before heading into a corridor on a ledge above. The corridor leads to a door, which Boreas charges and breaks down with no problems, revealing a large open cave.

A dire battle follows, despite a Ghoul being instantly killed, a Genlock and larger brute of a Hurlock put on a tough fight, knocking Boreas out. Fortunately, despite fumbling every healing spell, Mah’jeek stunts like Gandalf the mother fucking white and pops that bitch. Boreas lives, and is able to fight another day. Again no looting is undertaken, literally who even leaves swords lying around, this isn’t Skyrim



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