Fucking about in Ferelden

An Unexpected Journey - Part 2

The return of Sigge!

24 Firstfall 27th Year of the Dragon Age

As the party headed from the Chantry Brannek continued to survey his surroundings in search of potential loot. He weighed up the potential profit from staying in Lothering versus going with the rest of the party to the middle of no where. Brannek’s eyes gleamed as he ran into Lothering hoping to find some coin and other loot. The rest of the party seized their chance to be rid of him for the time being and ran off, stopping for a breather in the forestry outside of town.

As Mah’jeek caught his breath, he felt a hand caressing his buttocks. His eyes widened and he looked to where the hand was coming from, only to find Boreas to be the only person in that direction. Mah’jeek was stunned and flustered, but Boreas didn’t have a clue what he was getting so worked up about. After a very awkward pause, the pair heard a cackling coming from the shrubs behind them. Boreas and Mah’jeek approached cautiously and thrust their hands into the bush. They pulled Sigge out of the shrubbery, flailing with laughter, though Boreas and Mah’jeek didn’t share her amusement.

Mah’jeek introduced the leader of The Shits to their latest companion, Yeran, who she took a liking to, noticing his certain… manliness. After catching up with the party as to where they are headed she offers to accompany them and aid them in delivering the package.

The party follows the rough directions given by Zeke but find the track to be hard to follow. Boreas in particular had to be stopped from wandering off in the wrong direction several times.

Eventually, they found a stone circle but are unable to figure out which one was the bear stone that Zeke indicated was the location of the drop. They search around the various stones, one of which Boreas bangs his head on after critically failing to mind his head when getting up and giving himself a minor concussion. However, this knocks some sense into him as he finds a note hidden inside a wooden bucket behind the next stone he searches. The writer of the note warns travellers of Blight Wolves that prowl the surrounding area. The writer also requested that they bring any package intended for him directly too him, as he is too scared of the wolves. The group see his tracks, but Boreas convinces the others to spend the night back in town, as he too is scared of the wolves, who almost killed him before.

The Shits return to Lothering and rest up. The following morning they returned to Zeke and showed him the note found in the bucket. He informs them that the writer is a fellow member of The Mages Collective by the name of Marruk, and that the package that he had given them was intended for him. The party then returned to the stone circle and followed the tracks seen the night before. Zeke’s directions were incredibly vague, as he merely told them to head east with a shrug. Sigge therefore took the initiative to guide her Shits.

They soon come across a grove which, while beautiful with the God rays shining through gaps in the leaves on the trees, was also infested with rats, and not the small type that some may find adorable, mind you. These were big rats. Like, waist-high ‘able-to-rip-your-face-off’ rats. Surprised at their extraordinary size, the group hesitated, allowing the rats to get the jump on them, initiating a battle. Thankfully the rats were not able to do much damage, but the mages having no armour were susceptible to a series of biting attacks, as was Dog. Yeran cast Heroic Offense on Boreas, giving him a strength buff until the end of the encounter. Falcon’t also flew in to aid The Shits.

The rats were soon beaten, especially with Dog’s amazing stunting towards the end, and the few remaining rats ran away, scared of Dog’s ferocity. Sigge lead the party onward and they soon coming across a hovel built into the side of a small hill. They heard a faint humming coming from inside. There was a door of sorts, which they opened to find a messy room littered with papers, empty bottles and general clutter. In the corner, they saw an old elf, who introduced himself as Marruk a Mage and writer of the bucket message.

Marruk was delighted by the package, which contained potion-making materials and supplies. However, in his attempt to thank them, the group found that he had a speech impediment, speaking worse than Mah’jeek.

Suddenly, a Blight Wolf burst through the thin, earthy wall and everybody heard the growling of two others lying in wait outside the open door. Dog tried to attack, but monumentally failed therefore inspired by the wolf who had burst through the wall, he attempted to do the same. However he only manages to crash into the wall and hurt his head. The wolves attacked Mah’jeek, almost killing him, so Boreas blocked the doorway and defended his allies, overcoming his fear of the wolves. Sigge, meanwhile attacked from afar with her bow. The wolf who had burst through the wall almost killed Marruk, who had taken to crouching in the corner of the room, but Yeran heals him.

Boreas killed one of the wolves, cutting off its head and spraying the blood over both himself and the other wolf attacking the doorway in an attempt to deplete its morale. He then gave a mighty war cry to intimidate the already demoralised wolf. Yeran was kept busy as Marruk kept getting mauled by the wolf inside the hovel. Boreas turned his attention to the remaining wolf at the doorway, felled it, and then, as a joke, threw the blood-dripping corpse into Mah’jeek, because why not?

Sigge rushed inside to help with the wolf that was attacking Marruk, while Mah’jeek, showed his great prioritisation skills by getting his revenge on Boreas and attempting to Mind Blast him. However, the spell only succeeding in knocking him prone, Boreas puts his success down to his awesome armour which has kept him from taking any real damage thus far. Sigge then made the finishing blow on the wolf in the hovel, impaling it to a wall with an arrow.

Marruk thanked the Shits as best as he was able to and sent them on their way back to Zeke. the party stopped to clean themselves off in a river on their return to Lothering. Upon their arrival at the Chantry they informed Zeke of their success. As a reward, he gave the group a lesser healing potion, which Yeran took.

Zeke then gave The Shits another job, to purchase some Lyrium from Dwyllan in Falldale. This time, Zeke gave the party adequate directions and handed them a pouch of coins. Outside, the group opened the pouch and thanked the gods that Brannek wasn’t with them, for inside they found 30 gold. They discussed the possibility of sharing it between them, but (much to the disappointment of Sigge) gave up on the idea after considering the consequences that may be dealt by both Zeke, a powerful man in both the Templar Order and The Mages Collective, and also what their employer Grigor, the mysterious man who they knew so little about, would do to them if they didn’t complete their mission.

They reached Falldale and found that it was simply a farmhouse. They knocked on the door and heard the sound of many locks and bolts being unlocked. An old dwarf with a scruffy grey beard and a balding head, but also similar distinguishing features as Sigge (ed: because apparently shifty dwarfs all look the same in the eyes of this GM!), opened the door. The group asked him for some Lyrium as requested by Zeke. The dwarf handed over a pouch, but Sigge (being ex-Carta herself and knowledgeable in the Lyrium trade) informed them that the pouch they were given was only worth about 15 gold.

Annoyed, the group turned to the dwarf and Yeran attempted to sweet talk Dwyllan into giving them the correct amount for the gold that they had, but failed. Boreas then tried to intimidate him, but also failed. Yeran then tried to offer 15 gold for 15 gold’s worth of Lyrium, but failed to overcome the dwarfs greed.

Dwyllan growing tired of all this offered to have a game of dice. If he won, the group would have to stick with his terms and pay 30 gold for 15 gold’s worth of Lyrium, but if The Shits won, then they could have a fair trade of up to 30 gold for 30 gold’s worth of Lyrium. The party accepted his offer and nominated Mah’jeek to represent their group, fuck knows why. Even so, he somehow wons with four fives on his die collectively. Dwyllan reluctantly handed over all the Lyrium.

The Shits then returned to Zeke who was surprised at how they were able to get a fair trade. He also informed them that his plans for providing the group with a means to get Mah’jeek into the Circle without raising suspicion were on track, but they would need to do one more job for him. This one would involve grave robbing at a haunted graveyard. He asked them to find The Handmaiden’s Necklace, a magical amulet that was buried with Meredith Kutcher. The Shits decided to rest up before heading out the next day.



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