Boreas O Frosthold

Avvar Warrior of Clan Frosthold


Name: Boreas O Frosthold
Race: Human
Background: Avvar
Class: Warrior
Level: 6
Exp: 12900
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Speed: 9
Defense: 12
Armor: 7
Health: 54

Communication: 0
Constitution: 3 Stamina, Swimming
Cunning: 0
Dexterity: 2 Initiative, Riding
Magic: 3
Perception: 0 Seeing
Strength: 4 Climbing, Heavy Blades, Might
Willpower: 3 Courage

Class powers:

  • Stunt bonus – Dual Strike


  1. Rollo’s Revenge
  2. Two handed sword
  3. Dagger


  • Single Weapon Style, Novice
  • Two Handed Style, Novice
  • Armor Training, Journeyman
  • Animal Training, Novice


  • XXXXXX, Novice


  1. Find and tame a Dragon
  2. Discover a source of power


  1. Part of Sigge‘s band of mercenaries with Mah’jeek, Banal’ras-Vun and Yeran

Notable items:

  1. Rollo’s Revenge
  2. Dragon Scabbard of Quick Draw

For as long as his early childhood, Boreas of Frosthold had been fascinated with Dragons. While many of his clan considered the strongest members as idols – people who children such as Boreas should look up to – his curiosity lay with those who held the most power of all. Dragons.

He was often scorned for his love of the creatures however. Dragons were so rare that his clan had begun to consider them legend and for his insistent belief in them, Boreas was laughed at, teased and bullied by his peers, particularly the other children. But this didn’t deter Boreas from his fascination and he continued to fall in love with each new tale of the sky lizards that he could find in books that he came across. One such tale told the story of a hero who grew powerful enough to not only defeat a dragon, but also put it into submission and tame it.

While it was only a story, Boreas found his eyes widening at the thought of having a dragon as a companion. How the fools who had ridiculed him would watch in awe as he rode a dragon through the skies over Frosthold and put their own dreams and aspirations to shame. He laughed at the thought and began his journey toward his dream by purchasing the book with what little coin he had.

At home he studied the book. The hero was a human with great resolve and his father had always told him that Avvars were the strongest humans of all, so he already had an advantage. He carefully looked over the illustrations of the hero and found it strange that he bore no shield, only two swords, one smaller and one larger. Being somewhat unaware of the types of weapons used by people, he flicked to the start of the book and saw that the hero was described to carry a two-handed sword and a bastard sword. Boreas had no idea what the latter was and proceeded to ask his mother. He was slapped on the wrist for cussing, but his father answered his question, describing it as an “effective, yet lighter double-edged blade used by many a warrior.”

Next, Boreas looked at the hero’s armour. It was hard to determine what the armour was made of, but he knew from other texts on dragons that there are many kinds of dragons, and that there are many kinds of armour to help with defending against them. He’d have to come back to that later.

Finally, to fight a dragon, Boreas knew that the hero must have been extremely strong. The young boy therefore made a pledge to become the strongest in Frosthold, and to do that, he had to pay more attention in training classes.

His trainers found Boreas’ sudden shift in interests to be strange. Where he had once never had a care in his sword training, his skill had now improved, or at least his intention to improve. Val Royeaux wasn’t built in a day, and neither was his strength. In the early days, he was still considered weak by his classmates and he lost to many of them in sparring sessions, but unlike the others, his losses meant that he learnt more. Most Avvars were taught to fight with their strength alone, which (coupled with the sheer size of most Avvars) intimidated enemies, but having studied texts on human, dwarven and elven fighting techniques, Boreas was able to add more than simple swings of a sword to his fighting style.

He came up with strategies to counter the attacks thrown at him by the boys in his class, using distracting footwork, rolls, fancy sword work and even the mud on the ground beneath him just to name a few. Soon enough, it was the bullies that were being put into the ground, sometimes with astonished looks on their faces, though most of them were just annoyed.

As he grew into manhood, Boreas had become one of the strongest in his clan. He became known as ‘The Snow Warrior’, for many times a day, he would climb the nearby mountains of his clan, enduring the blistering cold and frequent blizzards, simply to train and practice with his sword. He soon surpassed the strength of even the chieftain of the clan, but refused to challenge him for the title, for his training was not to become the strongest in Frosthold, but for another goal which he kept to himself. His technique became unmatched within his clan which led to his peers finally giving him the respect that he had been denied so long ago. He even caught the eyes of many of the women of the clan, but his interests still remained loyal to the dragons. Therefore, on his eighteenth name day, after saying his farewells to his family, he packed some supplies and left the clan’s borders in search of dragons to tame.

Boreas O Frosthold

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