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  • Mah'jeek

    Mah'jeek was born on the island of Seheron. As was usual for Qunari young he did not know his parents. Mah'jeek discovered his connection to The Fade when he was 11, he did this be accidentally blowing apart his cast iron cooking pot with frustration …

  • Boreas O Frosthold

    For as long as his early childhood, Boreas of Frosthold had been fascinated with Dragons. While many of his clan considered the strongest members as idols - people who children such as Boreas should look up to - his curiosity lay with those who held the …

  • Brannek

    Brannek bled out while fighting skeletons in the old Dwarven graveyard near [[Lothering | Lothering]]

  • Yeran

    Summary: Coming from squalor, this Elven mage has absorbed as much lore and magical knowledge he possibly could from the Circle of Starkhaven, in the hope of bettering himself. Dreams of wealth drive him. Expect this young Elf to jump at the chance of …