Davrik's journal

This journal was found in a cave near Briarham. It is clearly labelled “Davrik’s Journal”. The contents of the journal are written in Arcanum and Ancient Tevene, there are also diagrams and various stains which appear to be made from blood. The writing is rarely legible but the following was translated by Mah’jeek:

“These caves will do nicely. Isolated enough to be able to work without distraction, near impossible to find without direction and close enough to supplies to not require deliveries and attract unwanted attention. The superstition around these caves will likely keep the locals away too.”

“In the name of the Maker! That stupid nug humper Eladril has been taking direct routes between deliveries of our communications! I had half a mind to use him as my next test subject but decided to use the Darkspawn and just beat the knife-earred swine a little. In retrospect maybe not the best course of action, they are so difficult to control once riled up. Still, I think he will be taking more precautions from now on.”

“Lost another mercenary today. The mind control spell still needs some work. Dominate them too much and they will do whatever is asked of them but are completely incapable of reacting to anything else. Dominate too little and they are too dangerous to be around. Need to ponder this further.”

“The mercenaries I hired for protection from the Darkspawn subjects are getting nervous about my experiments. I can’t afford for them to leave and divulge what myself and the Master are doing to the first Templar they come across. I’ve had to agree to their demands for a pay rise… for now.”

“I have had a letter from Gianna today, her experiments with the fade are going well. Bitch! If only I could wipe the smug grin off her face. All I need to do is crack the secret of commanding these damn Darkspawn.


(Pages of incomprehensible notes and formulas followed)"

“Those blasted mercenaries! Not content with the chicken’s they ‘acquired’ from the farm last week, they’ve now made off with one of the women! Obviously I can’t let her go. I might need a human test subject soon so she may be of some use to me. It might even be a blessing compared to what the mercenaries are doing to her now anyway.”

“I think I’ve had the breakthrough I’m after! I have sent my notes off to the Master, I’m sure he will be pleased with my work. Maybe now he’ll see I’m a better apprentice than that no good trollop Gianna. Testing my theories, however, will have to wait until tomorrow and I think I know just the way to test them…”

“I’ve done it!!! It was so simple! In order to command the Darkspawn – allow them to function cognitively and not risk being attacked all I had to do was make them believe I was their leader, their Darkspawn leader. Not force them to obey my commands through domination of will but through natural loyalty and obedience. I tested my new spell on my Darkspawn and then set them on the mercenaries. I lost a few Darkspawn but they were most effective. The mercenaries soon yielded and I now have them in irons, subjects for my next research project. Ha-ha!”

“I have started work on my next project while I wait for Eladril to return with correspondence from the Master. I am going to see if I can make my command of the Darkspawn a permanent effect through blood magic. It’s a good job I have those mercenaries, now to get my money back… in blood…”

“Damn! The mercenaries didn’t last long enough for me to complete my tests and those which are still alive have succumb to the taint. I’m going to lead my Darkspawn out tonight and raid the farm, take as many of them prisoner as I can and then be out of there before they can react. I think the secret to creating a permanent effect requires a mix of Darkspawn and human blood. I’ve already bled one of my Darkspawn a little and used its blood to poison their arrows. Hopefully using this crude delivery method will be sufficient for my next set of experiments to succeed. I hope Eladril doesn’t arrive too early I would love to be able to send word of my success back to my Master.”

Davrik's journal

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