Fucking about in Ferelden

An Unexpected Journey - Part 1

The party have a fun start to their journey to the Circle Tower

9 Firstfall 27th Year of the Dragon Age

The party, spent a few days recovering (drinking) in Briarham, waiting for Grigor to arrive and give them their next job. Branneks misdeeds in the previous adventure were forgiven for the most part, at least superficially.

After returning from a walk they enter The Mabaris Bite, Briarhams lively pub, where they found Grigor surrounded by enough beer and food to satiate a horde of dwarves. Grigor hailed the shits, and asked that they share his feast in exchange for him turning their ears for a brief moment. He paused, wary of the unfamiliar face in the party. Brannek then introduced himself, badly, to the eye rolls of Mah’jeek and Boreas.

Grigor explained that he is trying to track down the elf messenger mentioned in Davrik’s journal. Mah’jeek and Boreas], informed Grigor that they had already met the elf, Eladril, and shared the message they persuaded from him as well as providing a description to aid Grigor in tracking him down. Grigor, now understanding the situation a little better, hailed another elf, Yeran, who introduced himself to the party (competently, unlike Brannek). Grigor explains that he has hired Yeran from the Circle, primarily to translate the Ancient Tevene writings in Davrik’s journal but also to aid the party in their next quest.

The Quest
Investigate the group of blood mages and their associated studies and research. Travel to the Circle Tower on Lake Calenhad and ask questions Davrik and his studies. Look into any records they have about Davrik and Gianna and learn anything they can about them and their magical specialisms. The mercenaries were given 6 weeks to complete their research before Grigor would arrive to meet them at the tower expecting to be briefed on their discoveries.

The Reward
60 silver each

The band accepted the quest and Yeran joined them. Grigor gave them directions to the Circle Tower, as Yeran was not paying attention on his journey outward. Prior to leaving Grigor added an additional condition, he expects no violence or trouble to be caused by the mercenaries, while at the Circle, otherwise he will ‘handle’ the mercenaries.

Boreas then set off to see Brevin about the armor he had ordered. While selling his old armor to the blacksmith he is offered an extra silver for a small task. Brevin asked Boreas to piss on the door of the shop opposite, the closed supply store. Boreas, gladly accepting headed, over to the shop and whacked out his mighty wang, his fearsome phallus, or as it will now be known, his teeny twanger.

Before Boreas could release his bladder, the door opened and the Elven owner, Rylock, appeared. Boreas dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the elf could only mutter something about the cold morning while Brevin howled with laughter from the over side of the market square. This drew Mah’jeek and Yeran out of the inn and into Rylock’s shop. Brushing past the disheveled Boreas to browse the wares.

Yeran struck up a conversation with Rylock, inquiring as to how an elf managed to find himself owning a shop. Mah’jeek and Yeran buy some goods, including some fine wine, he then pulled them aside and asked a favour of them. In exchange for some very fine ornate daggers, a matching pair, he asked that they put a mysterious vial near the fireplace of the blacksmith at night so that when it was lit in the morning it would ‘surprise’ Brevin. This would require breaking and entering, and avoiding the guard, Valron.

Yeran and Mah’jeek share this news with the other members of the group, and the ever greedy Brannek offered his sneaky skills to get the task done, and get the task done he did. Come nightfall, Brannek picked the lock at the back of the shop and made his way to the forge without so much as a murmur, perfectly placing the vial undetected. The next morning was accompanied by a large bang, and the shattering of glass and door hinges and an incredibly itchy blacksmith and guard fled the shop which was billowing yellow smoke. They swore death on whoever caused them such humiliation!

Rylock kept his word, and the daggers are handed to Brannek, granting him extra style in combat. The daggers have a strange language written on them, Mah’jeek initially believed it to be elvish, however Brannek, well known as a learned scholar, convincingly steps in. Brannek bullshited more than an Angus after a wild night on the fields and explains the meaning to the party; the text on the black blade reads “The dark extinguishes the light” and the white blade reads “All light is an illusion”. Filled with self doubt, Mah’jeek shrugs and move on.

A day late, the party set off on their quest with Yeran navigating. The party opted for a route that stopped at inns etc, although expensive it will mean they are well rested for all legs of the journey. They estimate that route will take 4 weeks and a day to travel in total, however life is rarely as simple as that.

Literally 30 mins into their journey, a random distressed pedestrian burdens the goodwill of the mercenaries. He frantically explains that his friend has been dined on by wolves and needs healing urgently. Reluctantly, our adventurers ran over and found a man lying in the road, they approached and suddenly the staff of the fallen stranger lit up, firing a column of flame into everyone except Dog, who avoided the blast by chasing his tail, as per usual.

A battle ensued, 3 vs 5, the stranger who was supposedly dying was actually a trained bandit mage, while a rogue and a warrior jump out from bushes behind the party and begin to attack. As the battle continued Boreas found himself maneuvered into an area where the bandits had set a rock trap in the bushes and was injured, but not seriously.

Dog, hungry for human flesh pulled off a stunt to fill his stomach and then chased his tail to burn off the calories.

The first casualty of battle, the bandit mage, has his head caved in by Boreas after a seriously brutal set of stunty stabaroos. In his bloodlust, Boreas turned to the bandit rogue, stabbed him in the face and cut him straight down the middle Mortal Kombat style.

Inspired by Boreas, and needing to fill his second stomach, Dog bounded at the bandit warrior. He jumped at her hoping to rip off her testes, but found no h’orderves. In a fit of biological crisis Dog turned to the next plumpest thing around and dined on her lady parts and breasticles. Dog is not one to discriminate and finds all genders equally delectable. Dog then went to town on her face leaving it looking like something out of a shitty zombie b movie.

With the would-be assailants dead and/or devoured, our party bagged some loot. A total of 9 silver (woo!) and a note, which requests the death of the party and signed by Ser Blaker Corbyn, who in retrospect the party decides should not have been allowed to live!

Boreas decided to be discreet with the corpses and strings the body of the warrior up in the trees. Mah’jeek desiring to join in the fun dragged the body of the rogue into a bush, setting off another rock trap, knocking himself out and beginning the process of slowly internally bleeding to death. Thankfully Yeran saves Mah’jeek, who then continues as if nothing had happened and positioned the body in a thoughtful Hamlet position with the corpse’s skull in its hand, with the aide of branches of the bush.

The mercenaries continue on their journey and during this time Yeran deciphers the message from Eladril (see previous log). The message is essentially a threat from some guy called ‘F’. It states Davrik has had too much money with too few results despite having a promising project. It also explicitly mentions Gianna.

The mercenaries come to the village of Rillenhall. The village had a lively market, which is currently stocking animals and pet supplies. Brannek noticed that lots of people were staring at Mah’jeek and also lots of lootable purses hanging from the onlookers waist belts. He asked Yeran to create a distraction with Mah’jeek to draw attention away from him so that he could steal some money, Yeran refused, feeling some loyalty to Mah’jeek since the wine was a gift. Brannek however perseveres and asks Boreas, who doesn’t give a fuck, and agreed to help. Boreas used his newly trained command with Dog to get him to attack Mah’jeek causing quite a lot of commotion and drawing the attention of many in the market. Brannek manages to steal 18 silver in total while Dog and Mah’jeek fought. Dog caused a lot more damage than the wildly flailing Mah’jeek, who even drew his Morningstar, and was still less effective than a wet flannel.

On his last pickpocket attempt, Brannek was caught. He decided it best to throw the guy who caught him into the fight between Mah’jeek and Dog and then just slip off unnoticed. This works, and as the commotion dies down, the party regroup in a tavern and Brannek buys a round.

Mah’jeek purchased a Falcon, whom he names Falcon’t. Boreas kindly offered to train Falcon’t to attack under Mah’jeek’s command.

Following Sigge’s advice from a messenger pigeon, they meet another member of the Shits at the local pub. Naswe introduced herself and both parties talked about their current work. Naswe learned about the trip to the Circle Tower and explained how hard it might be to get in, or more accurately, out. She informs the party that there is a secret society of Mages and Templars called The Mages Collective and explained how and where to find a contact, Zeke.

Naswe gave Mah’jeek her Ring of Spellpower and said that it will show Zeke that they are a friend of the collective. After some drinking, chatting and resting, the party continued on their journey to the tower.

After another week of travel the mercs arrived at Lothering and rested at the inn. With full stomachs, they entered the Chantry, wherein they spoke to a young priestess who pointed them in the direction of Zeke in the southern cluster. After a rude introduction, Zeke showed the mercenaries into a quieter room and reintroduced himself, he does after all have to keep a proper image up to the public!

Zeke offered to help with the challenge of getting Mah’jeek in and back out of the tower. In light of the level of challenge presented, with getting not only an apostate in, but a Qunari apsotate at that, he requests that the party complete a few jobs for him in return. The first job is a simple dead drop, which seemed easy enough and the party get going on their way. Brannek can’t help himself as usual and took a peek at the contents of the delivery, the package is mostly potion making materials and nothing of massive interest. As they left the Chantry, they noticed that one of the Templars standing guard outside was missing… Ooo Spooky…



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