Fucking about in Ferelden

An Unexpected Journey - Part 3

Shit just got real yo!

26 Firstfall 27th Year of the Dragon Age

The Shits, now well rested, set off to start their latest assigned task – the acquiring of a certain piece of jewellery from a woman, a dead woman, a dead buried woman in a nearby cemetery. On their way they come across a lone guardsman standing watch by a small, injured criminal in a cage that hung two feet from the floor. Boreas realised the criminal was Brannek and fought the temptation to just keep walking but made the other party members aware. The group reluctantly paid all their money to keep the dwarf from his (probable) death sentence while recalling how much he owed each of them anyway. For his own pleasure and to secondarily teach Brannek a lesson, Mah’jeek used his rope to tie a harness around Brannek and kept him on a leash until they arrived at the graveyard, Brannek was just glad it wasn’t a collar.

The Shits arrived at the cemetery and could not find any clues as to the grave they were looking for by examining the old headstones where they were present. So they split up and start to dig up graves with the magically-inclined staying together. Once they had made some headway, Skeletons climbed out of each dug grave. Boreas obliterated his straight away. Brannek knocked the spear out of his enemy’s grasp but it gave zero fucks are fully decked the dwarf in response. Brannek dusted himself off and hid behind the hulking Boreas who came to his aid. Then the Skeleton ends up being more dangerous without the spear and strangles Brannek for awhile before getting beaten down by Boreas. Meanwhile Mah’jeek finally finishes off the Skeleton that was getting really confused by all the magic stuff it’s two enemies were throwing around.

Finding only a few coppers in loot and most importantly no magic necklace the squad returned to digging graves with the magic users being silly and picking an area with lots of graves around it. This time 6 Skeletons and a large mass of shadow, a Shade, came up to join the grave robbing party and the shit hit the fan (and some of the Shits hit the floor).

Boreas headed for the Shade and made one of the most impressive looking attacks he had that day, slicing a great gash through the apparition. He could only watch on in horror as the gash sealed up before his eyes. The Shade then cast Weakness on Boreas which left him with only enough strength to stumble a few steps at a time finding the weight of his armor just too much. Mah’jeek however was absolutely petrified of the Shade and spent the entire battle avoiding it.

Not too soon after the fight had begun Brannek found himself being strangled again, this time by a Skeleton that had been Walking Bombed by Mah’jeek which caused the dwarf a lot of concern. The little dwarf broke free but the Skeleton was not stopped so easily and at the first opportunity started strangling Brannek again. Meanwhile Dog ended up getting strangled and was killed before anyone could get over to help… RIP Dog you yappy little thing. Then Mah’jeek got to execute his plan with his pet Falcon’t by casting Walking Bomb on it and then instructing it to fly down between lots of enemies and using it as a suicide bomber. Except the plan only ended up hitting one Skeleton for a little bit of damage with Falcon’t becoming a shower of giblets, so RIP Falcon’t too.

Then Mah’jeek killed another Skeleton with a Walking Bomb which was the Skeleton still strangling Brannek. Just as Brannek had realised what had happened and was able to get a lung full of air it gets worse as yet another Skeleton started to strangle him. Then Mah’jeek killed another Skeleton, while Brannek repeatedly attempted to break free of the strangle hold he found himself in, eventually succeeding. Unfortunately Boreas then found the Skeleton trying to strangle him instead but immediately was able to break free.

Yeran had spent the entire fight trying to keep out of danger while keeping the party well healed, but he was not sure how much longer he could keep it up as his mana reserves were running low. The party had nearly consumed all of their potions as well.

Mah’jeek and Boreas (re)killed another Skeleton each while Brannek found himself getting strangled yet again. The party should probably ask him if he has a particular fetish for that.

The fight looked like it was nearing its conclusion only a single Skeleton and the Shade left. However the Shade moved off to another area of the graveyard and unleashed magical energy. The party looked on in terror as a fresh horde of skeletons rose from the graves near the Shade.

Was this the end?…



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