Fucking about in Ferelden

Walking in Circles - Part One

Finally at the Circle Tower!

21 Haring 27th Year of the Dragon Age

The Shits arrived at the Lake Callenhad docks, a small village with docks to the Circle Tower on the very day they’re supposed to meet Grigor with findings from the Tower so it seemed they were a tad fucked. Mah’jeek bought some fresh breeches while Yeran did his best to sort out a good eyepatch to cover his brand scar.

Upon arriving at the Tower, after crossing the lake, the Shits were greeted by Knight-Commander Greagoir, who after inspecting the documents presented by Mah’jeek. Interviewed the party and asked some probing questions about what happened to Yeran’s eye, he then sent the group on their way to the First Enchanter to give him Grigor’s scroll. The First Enchanter informed the group that Grigor had recently sent a communication informing Irving that he had been delayed by about ten days, which had not made much sense at the time. The group, greatly relieved that they had been spared Grigor’s fury, for now, started their research in the library to try and find records for the Blood mages Davrik and Gianna and anything that might point to who their master is.

After a day of research, Wynne, grabbed Yeran and kindly interrogated him about his eye. Thankfully she didn’t think it was in Yeran’s interests to tell anyone else about the brand just yet so the Shits weren’t totally screwed. Meanwhile, Elodie had a mooch around rather than aiding in the (boring) research and met some of the Tranquil – former mages who had had their connection to the fade severed and no longer felt emotion. Out of curiosity she went back to the library to try and find out more about them, thinking there may be a song in the topic if there was a Tranquil who fell in love, or some other inspiration. After 6 more days of going through records, the Shits came up empty and the old librarian, Jorvac, suggested that they try the restricted section in the basement. The group headed down and encountered a variety of nasty traps on their way to the where books on blood mages might be kept. Along the way they were struck by poison darts, exploding barrels, old magical books that were so eager to be read that they created tentacles to force Yeran to look like he was interested when he was actually slowly dying, massive fire pressure plates, tripwires rigged to huge claws that Boreas struggled to get past and other tripwires rigged to release swarms of giant rats who nearly overwhelmed the group with their coordinated attacks. The party through much care and precision found each of these traps by discovered their purpose by bumbling into them one after the other because they’re fucking noobs. The group found a locked room full of magical artifacts but when Elodie’s went to pick the lock her pick melted and shots into her, she decided to forget about the artifacts since they were probably cursed anyway since they’re locked away. Then she went ahead of the group a bit as the others decided to have a sit down in room with a comfy chair, an unused fireplace and wall to wall bookcases. Without a torch, Elodie felt her foot snag on a tripwire and with extreme good luck managed to avoid actually triggering it, thus avoiding another group of giant rats which could have been the end of the Shits. Then everyone started going through the bookcases and they eventually found an ancient book describing a group of blood mages with the names Davrik, Gianna and Falinesti. Before they were able to delve any further the fire roared into life, the shadows grew and 2 Shades pervaded from the shadows while an Abomination rose from the floor in front of the fire. The party realised this library may be their tomb…



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