Tal-Vashoth Mercenary


Name: Mah’jeek
Race: Qunari (Kossith)
Background: Tal-Vashoth
Class: Mage
Level: 6
Exp: 12900
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Speed: 11
Defense: 11
Armor: 0
Health: 61
Mana: 49

Communication: -1
Constitution: 3 Stamina
Cunning: 2
Dexterity: 1
Magic: 3 Arcane Lance, Spirit
Perception: 2 Seeing
Strength: 2 Might, Intimidation
Willpower: 5 Self-discipline


  1. Fine Yew Quarterstaff
  2. Morningstar

Class powers:

  • Arcane Lance
  • Spell lance


  • Heal
  • Spell Shield
  • Walking Bomb
  • Mind Blast
  • Arcane Bolt
  • Dream Sending
  • Rock Armor


  • Linguistics, Novice
  • Spirit Magic, Journeyman


  1. Try and find out who his parents are and try and forge secretive communications to stay in contact.
  2. Find and obliterate the mage that betrayed young Mah’jeek, the Human known as Alan Khasahm.


  1. Part of Sigge‘s band of mercenaries with Boreas O Frosthold, Banal’ras-Vun and Yeran

Notable items:


Mah’jeek was born on the island of Seheron. As was usual for Qunari young he did not know his parents. Mah’jeek discovered his connection to The Fade when he was 11, he did this be accidentally blowing apart his cast iron cooking pot with frustration whilst trying to light the logs underneath.

Fortunate to be spared of any witnesses, Mah’jeek knew he had to leave before he was found to be a mage. Mah’jeek smuggled himself out of Seheron with the assistance of his closest ‘brother’ and a Tamassran who took pity on him knowing the cruelty he would be subjected to as a Saarebas.

Mah’jeek managed to stow away on board a ship and found himself in Rivain where he then tried to seek out a living begging on the streets and trying to keep his magical nature hidden. He met few other mages along his journey, even fewer mages were not Circle trained. Mah’jeek learned basic spells, and learned to keep the demons in The Fade at bay. Mah’jeek eventually learned the trade tongue, as well as a few handy survival tricks by interacting with any merchant or hunter who would spare him the time.

Later on his travels, Mah’jeek stumbled upon a human apostate mage going by the name Alan Khasahm. They struck up a bond, and the mage introduced Mah’jeek to the life of a mercenary, as well as sharing some of his knowledge of spells. Mah’jeek took to the new life fondly, and developed a strong set of ties to regular mercenary recruiters across Rivain. The days of scrounging and struggling were behind him.

Mah’jeek was an intimidating fellow, but had a strong moral compass when it came to those around him. Mah’jeek had no issue with stealing or taking what he needed to get by, but he considered his word as his bond and was loyal to his fellow mercenaries as well as those lining his pockets.

A few years later, Mah’jeek was on a dangerous protection mission with his brother in arms, Alan. In a crowded town center, the mission went tits up as the person they had been hired to protect was brutally cut apart by a skilled Templar warrior, who then turned on the two mages, seeing them as a danger. Desperate, Alan revealed a life long secret and drew mana from the blood of their dying employer, creating a deadly vortex of energy to channel at the Templar.

The Templar was quickly killed, but Alan could not let anyone else know his secret, channeling his own blood and that of those around him, Alan killed all witnesses, except one. He turned to Mah’jeek and immediately his eyes widened as a magical bolt pierced his unprotected torso. Mah’jeek was not taking the chance, Alan would have likely killed him and had gone too far, murdering women and children for his own protection.

Alan cast a weak spell on Mah-jeek, breaking his right horn off leaving a bone stump, something to remember him by, as he collapsed, still breathing. Exhausted and betrayed, Mah’jeek set the area alight and fled leaving Alan, his beloved companion, for dead.

He spent the next year under a thick hood, roaming and living off his savings. During this time he fled to Ferelden trying to outrun the memory of Alan but he couldn’t stop the dreams of what happened that day in the square. He pondered the power of blood magic and the immorality of his fallen betrayer. During this time Mah’jeek felt his connection to the fade weakening and his magical ability was out of touch, he would have to work on his skills if he was to be a successful mercenary again. Alas his purse grew light, and he had to seek out new work. He took up an offer from a fairly new band of mercenaries, one mighty warrior and a lippy dwarf… Sigge’s Shits… Here goes nothing…


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