Ser Blaker Corbyn

Would-be abducter of children


Ser Blaker Corbyn has served Arl Voychek Neruda at Stenhold loyally for many years. He was often accompanied by his squire turned Knight Ser Bridget. He had formed a close relationship with the Arls Steward Alenka. However he has a gambling problem and fell into serious debt.

Alenka and Blaker came up with a plan to solve his debt issues which involved kidnapping and ransoming the Arls children. They had both grown tired of the way the Arl treated them and others, they just needed the right opportunity. A Darkspawn incursion gave them that opportunity.

An intervention by the members of Sigge’s Shits stopped the plot in its tracks, leading to Alenka being killed and Blaker being captured.

Blaker now sits in the dungeon of Stenhold where he will rot until the Arl decides otherwise.


Ser Blaker Corbyn

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